Tierrasanta Christmas Lights

Tierrasanta Christmas Lights

One of the best things about the Holiday season is when your city is decked out in dazzling light displays. Tierrasanta is one of those special cities that really goes all out. Tierrasanta Christmas lights are a feast for the eyes and are sure to get you in the Holiday spirit.

Locations of Tierrasanta Christmas Lights

The first must-see Tierrasanta Christmas lights location is at 5306 N. Belardo Drive. This computerized Holiday Lighting Display is hosted by Randy and Brandon Schimka at their home in Tierrasanta. This display features over 100,000 lights, and as an added treat, spectators can turn their car radios to 106.1 FM and hear holiday music being played in sync with the lights. This extra special Tierrasanta Christmas lights display began in 2006 as a way for the Schimka family to give their two autistic sons, Brandon and Stephen, their very own light show for the holidays. This heartwarming reason behind the Schimka’s family Christmas light show makes the tradition all the more special. The lights will be displayed until December 26th and the display times are 6-10p.

Next up is a light display that could be described as the happiest place on earth thanks to its Disney theme. Located on 11626 Papagallo Court, this light display is sure to be a hit with kids and make the grownups feel like kids again. The combination of Christmas with Mickey & Friends makes for a wonderfully festive treat. This display will be going on until January 2 and the display times are 5:30-10p.

The last of the Tierrasanta Christmas lights is located on 10927 Baroque Lane. This display has a Winter Wonderland theme and contains over 50 handmade features. Some of these handmade designs include the Cheshire Cat, a miniature village of hundreds of snowmen, a 20-ft lighted Santa, and a Christmas Village. You can enjoy this North Pole-esque display until Decmeber 28th and the display times are 6-10p.

Make sure to see these Tierrasanta Christmas lights while they’re still being shown. These stunning displays will definitely get you excited for the Holidays.