Mount Helix La Mesa

Mount Helix La Mesa

Mount Helix, the highest point in La Mesa has an imposing, geographic profile and an equally imposing neighborhood profile. Its hillsides and mountain top are built out all around, with gently winding streets and an array of secluded homes. Whether big or small, modest or extravagant, homes on Mount Helix showcase high value for their location alone.

One of the most prominent and popular neighborhood amenities of Mount Helix La Mesa is Mount Helix Park. It crowns the top of the small mountain jutting out from the flat, valley floor below, where El Cajon and the rest of La Mesa stretch out. The public park stays open 365 days a year and represents a major landmark in San Diego County. People congregate on its lush grounds for a myriad of formal and informal activities. They discover spectacular views in the process. Picnics, weddings, social events and shows make up just some of the events taking place in Mount Helix Park regularly.

A Closer Look at Mount Helix La Mesa

Homes and streets align around the park and spread out around the mountain like beautiful garlands. Further down the mountain, off Lemon Ave., some homes huddle around Mt. Helix Reservoir and come with luxury waterfront amenities. They occupy and exclusive, gated community.

Wherever you go on Mount Helix La Mesa, lush vegetation, shrubs and trees seem to dominate the scene and shroud the grounds of innumerable custom homes. Beauty and a bit of grandeur seem appropriately placed. Some homes even come with the heightened luxury of private drives, some even with these off cul-de-sacs. The drives may lead to scenic perches, where homes with picture windows provide unmarred, panoramic views.

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