Ramona Homes for Sale

The neighborhood of Ramona, named after an 1884 novel heroine by Helen Hunt Jackson, is a large community in North County Inland San Diego. Ramona has a population of more than 36,000 and sits along the foothills lining the Laguna Mountains. Ramona’s nearby neighbors include Poway, Escondido, Lakeside, and Santa Ysabel.

There is a general aviation airport located about 2 miles west of Ramona’s center. This airfield is primarily used as a location for private aviation and as a fire attack base by the state department of forestry. The airfield also hosts the Ramona Air Fair every year, which is a popular event for Ramona residents and out of town visitors.

Ramona High School provides a quality education to resident high school students in the area and excels in both academics and athletics. The high school is known to have successful athletic standings against other schools in the district. The academic program is a successful and adventurous one, even offering an American Sign Language Course to its students.

Initially known as the Turkey Capital of the World, Ramona suffered the loss of this industry after Word War II and has since become a forerunner in other successful industries, including chicken egg farming. Ramona ranches, such as the Pine Hills Egg Ranch, which hosts 1.1 million chickens, continue to hold a part in this industry today.

There are numerous agricultural products that help support Ramona’s economy, including avocado and citrus production, which have become the two most successful Ramona exports. In addition, a new popular industry, thoroughbred horse breeding, has recently experienced significant growth in Ramona and its surrounding areas.


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