Leucadia Homes for Sale

leucadia1-300x199Located right on the beach, Leucadia is a traditional, beautifully landscaped town in the city of Encinitas. Leucadia is well-known for its old-fashioned, but charming homes, quirky art galleries, and assortment of restaurants and specialty boutiques.

There are two fantastic parks that begin in Leucadia, Encinitas Beach Country Park and Seaside Gardens Park, which both stretch along Encinitas’ famous beaches. Leucadia State or Beacon’s Beach is a state beach protected by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. This state beach is a favorite destination for those looking to fish, surf, or simply enjoy the beach. Batiquitos Lagoon is found directly north of Leucadia and is frequented by runners, exercise enthusiasts, or those who want to simply enjoy nature. There are several golf and country clubs in the area inlaying Aviara Golf Course, La Costa Country Club, and Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. Other recreational opportunities include Orpheus Park, James MacPherson Park, and quail Park Botanical Garden.

Due to its size, the town of Leucadia only hosts a limited amount of shops and food locations, but residents can conveniently access further necessities at the nearby Encinitas Ranch Town Center or the Encinitas Marketplace. Both of these shopping centers provide great grocery, eating, coffee, and shopping opportunities.

There are numerous annual events in the community of Leucadia that unify residents. One favorite event is Light up Leucadia, which is a holiday lighting and decorating competition in which residents decorate their properties to compete for a cash prize. In addition, there is the Leucadiart Festival and Leucadia Nights, two events that unite the community and encourage participation in Leucadia’s unique culture. Leucadia also hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market, which is a favorite destination for many residents and visitors to the area.


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