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Coronado-300x187With more than 24,000 residents, Coronado is a charming city in San Diego County. With the nickname “The Crown City”, Coronado is a favorite tourist destination for county residents and non-residents alike. With its small island atmosphere and fancy social scene, Coronado has turned into a popular San Diego resort town. Coronado has attracted attention from celebrities and wealthy Americans as a place to live because of its island appeal and expensive homes.

The island holds two golf courses, the Sea n Air course and the Coronado Golf Course, and hosts the North Island Naval Air Station. Coronado shares its island with the North Island Naval Air Station and although small, also hosts two golf courses on the tiny island. Transiting the island, Highway 75 connects this region with downtown San Diego and the Naval Base that encircles San Diego Bay. A separated and more “elite” division of Naval Base Coronado, this Naval Base is a famous training center for Navy Seals. Another popular way to get to and from Coronado, especially for tourists, is the ferry service that operates from different points in San Diego. Across from Coronado at the city center point is Ferry Landing Marketplace. This area has small shops for San Diego souvenirs and some nice little eateries, not to mention a great view of much of San Diego County.

Because tourism is the main source of revenue on Coronado, the small island hosts 3 large and popular resorts, Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Island Marriott, and Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Usually booked year-round to capacity, these resorts top a list of popular hotels in the area. Featuring a host of shops, boutiques, theaters, and restaurants, the downtown stretch of Coronado is a popular place to hang out for residents and tourists. Two popular annual events that bring many people to the island are the Coronado Flower Show and the Coronado Island Sports Fiesta, which takes place in July and features a competitive swimming race, diving, rough-water swimming and more.


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